So what’s Arielle’s new book all about?

How to face life’s challenges and not only survive, but thrive. Although the book focuses on how to turn around a healing crisis, the same principles are relevant for any kind of crisis. We don’t have to let outside events control us. We have choice. We can learn how to bounce back instead of feeling helpless, bewildered and confused.

Have you ever wondered:

How to make a miracle happen when you need one?
How to bounce back from crisis?
How to transform problems into gifts?

By transforming stressful thinking into healing thinking, we build resilience. Our thoughts radiate magnetic frequencies that attract either difficulties or opportunities. Why not learn how to make everyday miracles happen? Develop the kind of inner resiliency that sustains and encourages good health, no matter what is happening.

This book is a work of genius. Anyone feeling lost or afraid is truly safe in your hands. Anyone seeking answers will find them. Anyone needing a friend who understands has just been sent one. Anyone cut loose and alone can join up and laugh again as the depths of your message of acceptance seeps into every pore. It’s the work of an Angel on Earth.
Alice Bergin, Poet, Author of ‘I Know You’

Who should read this?
This book will speak to anyone who is currently experiencing a crisis or still in recovery. Because I still remember how it felt to face my own scary diagnosis, I wrote this book to offer guidance, inspiration and healing perspectives. This book could be given to a friend, a client, or anyone who doesn’t fully understand the mind/body connection. It offers simple explanations of the link between the negative consequences of stress and disease, based on scientific research.

There are few people who wouldn’t benefit from reading this helpful, informative and insightful book. Just reading it will inspire you to a new level of consciousness about mind, body and spirit. Practicing this approach will not only assist healing, but act as preventive medicine.
Dr. Satish Chadha, M.S; F.R.C.S; M.R.C.O;
D.R.C.O, INLPTA Certified Trainer in NLP

Why I wrote this book:
My purpose in writing this book is to share the wisdom gained from my own healing journey. The book aims to carefully pace understanding about stress, stimulate deep personal insights, transform old beliefs, reach the point of miraculous shift and help us all remember who we are. My mission is to teach via questioning, challenging and more profound enquiry. My own story serves to illustrate several points. As one of my friends asked, ‘Are you an inspiration or a warning?’ Maybe both! But my aim is to teach by example and walk my talk.

Arielle’s groundbreaking book brings together her incredible knowledge and expertise in NLP, amassed from years of client work and practitioner courses, the latest scientific research into the mind body connection, and her own unique insights into the causation of stress, anxiety and ultimately disease.
Arielle has distilled this information into an easy to understand and practical solution focused book that is a ‘must’ for anyone wanting to attract more peace, health and the occasional miracle into their lives.
Karl Dawson, EFT & MatrixReimprinting.com

What will you get from this book?
My hope is that you will be able to make more sense of how and why things have happened during your life. You will gain insights into how your thoughts have contributed to everything you’ve received and how to attract what you want through the power of choice. When you learn how to forgive the unforgivable, let go of the past and resolve your problems, you will develop ultimate resilience to protect you like an invisible shield.

This eminently practical book on how to deal with crisis in our lives and develop resilience is invaluable. Drawing on her own experience of tackling immense challenges, Arielle is an inspiring teacher. She shows us how to take responsibility and direct our thoughts, living fully in the present and allowing miracles to unfold. An essential book for those who are anxious and stressed and looking for life-changing guidance.’
Eileen Campbell, ‘Wake Up and Hear the Thunder!
Finding Hope in a Hopeless World’

What is unique about this book?
Practical Miracles offers a rare mix of simple scientific explanations plus a practical approach to restore peace and wellbeing. Arielle introduces her concept of the ‘Thought Cloud’ as a metaphor to assist a more thorough diagnosis of the issues associated with a particular problem. If you dare to answer all the questions that are posed and contemplate new perspectives, you may enjoy a radical transformation of consciousness and a re-awakening of knowing who you really are.

Arielle, you have done it. You funneled your extensive understanding of several schools of thought into one very usable volume. You have spanned the world of research to everyday life. Your readers can benefit from your bridge between theoretical insights to how we can help ourselves NOW.
“Practical Miracles” is a treasure trove of quotes that could be printed as wall plaques. Your chapter titles are clever and witty. I really appreciated your practical exercises.
Michael Grinder, Charisma & Group Dynamics

What’s next? How can you help?
You can get your copy of the book on Amazon right now! It’s also available on Kindle. After you’ve read it, please do write your review on the Amazon site and let others know about it. Join me on Facebook, too if you’d like to chat.

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