NLP = Naturally Loving People

NLP = Naturally Loving People
We can discover the meaning in life in three different ways:

(1) by doing a deed

(2) by experiencing a value

(3) by suffering.

Victor Frankl

What happens during an NLP training often goes much deeper than simply learning skills and techniques. Profound changes occur, just through experimenting with new ideas and perspectives. A great example of this is the following story by a recent graduate. (Arielle Essex)

After the terrible civil war tore apart my former country of Yugoslavia, I came to England with a huge emptiness inside me. My country didn’t exist anymore. A great part of my life, 25 years, didn’t exist anymore either. I came from Bosnia, which now seemed to exist only in my memory and heart as an illusion. It was hard to deal with this gap in my identity.

Then last Christmas, my wonderful husband asked me what I would like for a present. What came to my mind was something quite different: I wanted some kind of training or approach that was spiritual, practical, educational and intellectual – very 3rd millennium – something that could help me. Teaching English as a second language gave me the impetus to search for ways to add to my professional growth as well. So, I searched the internet, read about NLP, and found Arielle’s Practical Miracles website. Here I was amazed to find just the sort of extraordinary approach I wanted!

The training was brilliantly structured. Arielle taught how to pay attention, take full responsibility for communication, how to respect everything you see, feel, hear, touch and smell. We not only got the chance to experience every concept, but to bring it all into alignment. Arielle has a way of making everyone feel comfortable, by honouring everything you bring. I volunteered to do the demo for ‘Changing Negative Beliefs’. To my surprise, the change was instant, powerful and profound! My old weakness became my strength. The negative belief was gone! My story changed into a unique and happy story that I could appreciate, love and live with. It felt like building a bridge to the lost parts of my old life.

I loved every minute of this extraordinary training. Although 20 days over five months sounds like a long time, I didn’t want it to end. Everything on the training is purposeful, honest, meaningful, serious and yet great fun too. Arielle’s stories, great knowledge and personal experiences – all her expertise makes her teaching the difference that makes the difference!

When my 11 year old daughter’s class planned a trip to Cornwall, she felt very nervous, anxious and worried about all the water activities included. She didn’t feel confident about swimming. With NLP, I now knew exactly how to help her! We did the ‘Circle of Excellence’ technique and gave her an anchor for all kinds of confidence to boost her inner state. When she returned from Cornwall, she was glowing with pride. She had participated in all kinds of thrilling water adventures. She said, ‘Mommy, how is that possible? I felt so nervous and anxious, but my anchor took it all away! It’s miraculous!’

Perhaps what helped me the most was learning how to ‘tune in’ and listen to my own inner state. On the morning of our practical exam, I woke up with a very strong, thumping heartbeat. How could I possibly do the exam feeling so nervous! But I just tuned in, listened to the feelings and asked myself what message that feeling wanted to give me? ‘Do your best!’ it said. As I realized this positive intention, immediately my heartbeat slowed down. My butterflies started flying in formation! I began to feel excited and honoured to have the chance to use NLP with grace and elegance to help others. This felt like more than a gift: to be able to turn my nervous frustration into inspiration!

Just over 5 months ago I didn’t know anything about NLP, now it has become a natural part of my life. When I woke up the day after my NLP training, for a few seconds, it all felt like a dream. Was my walk home over the bridge a dream? Then I saw my certificate, and read through my manual again. I had become addicted to NLP! Thinking about how much my goals had changed from five months ago, I knew it wasn’t a dream!

I truly feel this training educated me to live in the third millennium. It is the Haute Couture of NLP training. You can have the best silk textile, but if you don’t know what to create with it, it’s not much use. We learned how to appreciate the qualities of our different silks and how to make gowns for every occasion.

After many, many years I am going back to Bosnia this summer, ready to accept things as they are. One of the most powerful learnings the training offers is the realisation of what you already have and who you are. The one thing that is always real is Unconditional Love. My family, my parents, brother, many dear friends lost so much in the war. But all the material things can be replaced. What saved us was that love. I had always appreciated how lucky I am to have it in the present and in the future. But I used to live with the belief that it didn’t exist in the past. Now I can be stronger, happier and better having it back there too.

The knowledge this NLP training incorporates includes so many psychological, biological and spiritual aspects that it is a ‘must’ for people to understand how things work nowadays. To learn how to embrace everything in this world is precious. This education should be in schools, and every institution. I’m so grateful to have the wisdom to look at everything in a different way.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha


Zeljana Delrieux