New Waves of Thought

New Waves of Thought

We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them. Kahlil Gibran

Someone recently asked, ‘if visualizing works, why don’t people have everything they want?’ This question presupposes some very interesting points. First: the possibility that visualizing could work or not work at different times. Second: people don’t already have what they want. Third: people know what they want and actually know how to make use of visualization techniques.

Another name for visualizing is conscious deliberate creation. This idea suggests that visualizing will make things happen and thought creates matter. So in order to understand how this could be possible, it’s necessary to look at the atom in a new way. Physicist Dr. Milo Wolff presents some very convincing ideas with his ‘Space Resonance Theory’. Dr. Wolff maintains that there are only 3 particles in the atom: protons, neutrons and electrons. The rest, like photons, positrons and quarks, just appear to be particles, and can be explained differently as by-products in his new theory.

IN Waves and OUT Waves

The problem is that electrons have no structure. They are clouds of probability in a constant state of flux. No one can predict their size, mass or charge. Plus the act of observing them immediately affects how they behave. Furthermore because mass can be converted to electromagnetic energy, which has no mass, there’s no way to substantiate the concept of mass, or even the existence of a particle.

Dr. Wolff proposes that electrons are composed of spherical waves of energy. These onion shaped clouds incorporate IN Waves of energy which converge to the centre and then become OUT Waves which diverge from the centre. When In Waves and Out Waves combine, they form spherical standing waves of energy with a finite amplitude at the centre that appears to act like a particle.

These spherical waves oscillate and resonate with other matter in the universe. Coupled oscillating systems that spontaneously begin to resonate means they cycle together in a steady and repeating rhythm. The influence they have on each other explains what Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance’. This attraction energy will only resonate with systems of the same frequency.

Thoughts Attract Things

So if thoughts, beliefs, intentions, or desires have a direct effect on these spherical waves of energy, and these ‘particles’ oscillate with other particles of matter at any distance, then thoughts attract things.

The problem with conscious deliberate creation occurs because a human being thinks on average 60,000 thoughts a day, and most of them are not very conscious thoughts. Many of the unprocessed thoughts swilling around in the unconscious mind produce more than 90% of the thoughts being radiated out into this energy field. Hence, visualizing always works but the process may be attracting and matching some undesirable thoughts of lower frequency from deep in the unconscious.

There are at least three solutions! First, do some in-depth NLP work to bring the unconscious thoughts out into the light of day and process them to resolve the old thinking. Second, raise your energy frequency (tips later). Third, improve the quality and regularity of visualization (tips later)

People think they don’t have what they want, but from a metaphysical perspective, the opposite is true. There are no mistakes. Every decision, every path, every action, everything that ever happened was all perfectly designed for learning new insights, developing new qualities, receiving wisdom and becoming enlightened. The choice to accept those gifts can be made at any time. Complaining about what is and resisting the process merely delays the joy, peace and happiness that could be experienced now.

Do you know what you want? Do people really know what they want? Small goals might be easy to choose, but many people feel confused when it comes to bigger issues. They often think they want something because it promises to deliver happiness. Or the influence of friends, family or someone else makes them choose a particular route. Or there is internal conflict that causes incongruence. Or there are beliefs about not deserving, being incapable, being inadequate or that it’s all too late. These silly thoughts need to be processed and let go of.

When you visualize, you generate powerful OUT Waves of energy. These start oscillating and matching whatever has the same frequency as your thoughts. So not only will you selectively notice those aspects in your environment, but you’ll be attracted to moving in the direction where those things will be attracted back to you. Manifesting requires the IN Waves of energy that match your desire to be accepted and received. If your energy state doesn’t match the returning IN Wave, the manifesting cannot complete. So being in alignment with what you want to receive is key.

Practice Some Visualizing Right Now!

Visualizing works best if you can raise your energy first. Breathe deeply, clear your mind, find that inner place of peace. Then tap into thoughts of total gratitude for every good thing you have right now. Trust that areas that seem less than perfect are just work in progress. It’s just that the benefits have not yet been received. Now, bring to mind what you most desire and imagine the moment when this is already reality. You have it, and you are enjoying every minute, every detail, feeling every good feeling that it brings. See how long you can make this last without your mind wandering. 5 minutes is all it takes (everyday).

If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise. Robert Fritz

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