How to know when Coaching is right
for you:

  • You know there’s a specific issue that must be resolved
  • Something isn’t working, a situation feels stuck – no solution
  • Success or happiness in some area seems to be eluding you
  • Your career or work/life balance requires re-evaluation
  • You want to improve certain skills, attitude, or state of mind
  • Feedback (or some kind of pain) indicates help is needed
  • You feel confused, uncertain, lacking in confidence
  • You have to deal with a particular problematic relationship
  • You need help handling a serious health or emotional issue
"I changed more, and changed more easily than I knew was possible. Arielle has a compassion and wisdom which enable people to effect powerful changes in their lives."
S.M. Marketing Consultant
"Everyone who wants to live fully should do this course & experience Arielle Essex in the flow of what she does best – help people come alive!"
T. C. Projects Director SAP
"NLP shows you ways you can improve your life, your success and your well being. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do that?"
T.H. Bank Manager
"Unbelievable – it’s changed my life and shown me a whole new world of choice and flexibility…..truly inspirational, fulfilling and empowering!"
M.D. Psychologist
"Truly a mind changing experience. You don’t know what you don’t know until you experience NLP."
C.P. Training & Development
"Integration has been the key to my breakthrough. I am more balanced, centred, and well placed to take full responsibility for my life."
F.M. Self Employed Trainer

Sometimes it’s enough to just talk things through with a friend or colleague. However, there’s always that risk that their personal bias may put a slant on the issue, or that private information might leak out. You might receive well meaning, but unhelpful advice. Or instead of guiding you to find your own solutions, they might try to ‘fix’ you.

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