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NLP Coaching helps you increase effectiveness, credibility, confidence and gravitas. At career crossroads, it’s good to get fresh perspectives, to review events objectively and clarify your purpose and mission. Let an experienced guide ask you the right questions, so that you can free your mind to find the right solutions. NLP Coaching provides special skills for handling interpersonal interactions with subtlety and gracefulness. Learn how to be more credible and approachable, while managing and empowering your team to do their best.
Arielle also offers specially designed coaching programs around presentation style and delivery. Please ring to discuss your specific needs and to get more information about the different coaching programs available.

Direction and Purpose

Career development issues can be addressed with total confidentiality. Careful re-assessment of talents, skills and desires helps to formulate the best possible position for the person’s next role. Higher values, personal contribution and issues of motivation are explored in depth, helping identify the path of greatest fulfilment. Creating and reviewing a ‘Heart Map’ can help re-motivate and energise the chosen direction.

Leadership Style

Arielle draws on the expert skills of Non Verbal Intelligence, to assist Leaders in raising their credibility, authority, gravitas and people skills. Specific assessment of current strengths & weaknesses can be measured by video role plays if desired. Then it’s easy to make simple changes to the style of delivery, improve body language, make best use of voice, and raise awareness of the requirements in each specific interaction. Emphasis is on delivery not content, but designing the shape and style of presentations or specific communications can also be addressed. For more info: Free Article: Cats, Dogs and People Politics free article/download

Motivation & Influence

Effectiveness can be raised via the unique insights to be gained from mastering Group Dynamics, and understanding distinct Meta Programmes, Cultural and Value differences. Learning how to accurately read these signs aids strategic thinking. Through being able to predict behaviour and predict the drivers, a Leader can greatly improve performance. As well as being able to accurately assess interpersonal politics, the objective is to be able to motivate and influence members of their team, and satisfy major stakeholders and customers.

Well Being & State Management

Find the right balance of work, life and health, through the careful assessment of current demands, desires and deadlines. Set the right priorities. reduce stress and find ways to cope with today’s fast pace. Special HeartMath bio-feedback techniques assist with measuring and regularizing the heart rate Special NLP tools help restore good state management and resolve the sources of stress. The immediate bio-feedback also helps assess the progress of improvement during each coaching session.

Emotional Intelligence

Using well designed on-line EQ Questionnaires helps to accurately assess current strengths and weaknesses. The aim is to build on what works and improve areas that need more awareness. Information from the questionnaire guides the sessions towards maximum positive change. NLP based approaches help expand perspectives, reframe the meaning of events, set better objectives and resolve troublesome situations.

Arielle Essex

Arielle specializes in grooming executives for career advancement,enhancing communication, increasing credibility and gravitas, improving state management, as well as gracefully handling interpersonal political situations. Certified in Non Verbal Intelligence, Charisma and Group Leadership Dynamics, she combines a powerful range of skills to coach people for excellence.

Originally from the USA, Arielle has navigated her own career through four different industries starting with Advertising, then complementary medicine, which later evolved into studying Psychology, NLP, EFT, HeartMath and Emotional Intelligence. A certified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, she opened her own training school in 1995. She is a certified Coach with Erickson College (accredited with ICF). Her first book, ‘Compassionate Coaching’, has now been translated into 5 languages, and she regularly gives talks and workshops internationally.

Arielle draws on many varied backgrounds to assist Leaders in achieving their potential. She is an expert in understanding the dynamics that support change both personally, in groups and throughout an organization.

"I changed more, and changed more easily than I knew was possible. Arielle has a compassion and wisdom which enable people to effect powerful changes in their lives."
S.M. Marketing Consultant
"Everyone who wants to live fully should do this course & experience Arielle Essex in the flow of what she does best – help people come alive!"
T. C. Projects Director SAP
"NLP shows you ways you can improve your life, your success and your well being. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do that?"
T.H. Bank Manager
"Unbelievable – it’s changed my life and shown me a whole new world of choice and flexibility…..truly inspirational, fulfilling and empowering!"
M.D. Psychologist
"Truly a mind changing experience. You don’t know what you don’t know until you experience NLP."
C.P. Training & Development
"Integration has been the key to my breakthrough. I am more balanced, centred, and well placed to take full responsibility for my life."
F.M. Self Employed Trainer

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