NLP works by helping to relieve the stress associated with specific healing issues. If your health has been less than optimum, or you face a serious illness, being able to resolve the underlying cause can help clear things up. Then the body is free to heal and the mind/body connection finds its balance again. If you are undergoing extensive treatment, or dealing with recuperation, NLP Coaching can also help you to maintain the best possible frame of mind and to prepare for operations and procedures. If you need a miracle, NLP can teach you how to manifest the best possible outcomes.

How does this work?

Through gentle discussion and exploration, it’s possible to hear the messages the body may be trying to express. Possibly through the choice of language you use, or reading the body’s metaphors, or talking directly to parts that create symptoms, or time travelling back to before the illness began, you can get astonishing insights about your inner world. Then specific techniques are used to discover how best to resolve any inner conflicts or problems that are found. NLP provides extremely profound tools to make deep change possible.

What if I don’t know the cause?

Even when you think you do, you are probably wrong. If all you needed was conscious awareness, you would have already made the changes and healed. NLP Coaching helps to root out the unconscious causes. Through special question frames, non verbal clues, body metaphors, organ language, patterns of behaviour and experienced observation, you will be guided to discover the insights you need.

Arielle is also a Fully Certified Practitioner of NES: the Nutri Energetics System. NES Technology uses a computer scanning device to ‘read’ the energy distortions that may be interfering with your health within the Field of your body. By scanning the body through the NES hand held device, all kinds of information will be revealed, even mental and emotional problems. The scan not only provides a starting point for deeper investigation, but there are also specially designed remedies for each type of distortion. Special ‘infoceutical’ drops (a new type of homeopathic style medicine) will be prescribed to correct the aberrations in the Body Field. This non-invasive approach can be combined with ANY other form of treatment safely.

"I changed more, and changed more easily than I knew was possible. Arielle has a compassion and wisdom which enable people to effect powerful changes in their lives."
S.M. Marketing Consultant
"Everyone who wants to live fully should do this course & experience Arielle Essex in the flow of what she does best – help people come alive!"
T. C. Projects Director SAP
"NLP shows you ways you can improve your life, your success and your well being. Who wouldn’t want to know how to do that?"
T.H. Bank Manager
"Unbelievable – it’s changed my life and shown me a whole new world of choice and flexibility…..truly inspirational, fulfilling and empowering!"
M.D. Psychologist
"Truly a mind changing experience. You don’t know what you don’t know until you experience NLP."
C.P. Training & Development
"Integration has been the key to my breakthrough. I am more balanced, centred, and well placed to take full responsibility for my life."
F.M. Self Employed Trainer

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