Why train in NLP?

How would you like to attract the results you want like a magnet? What if you could make positive changes with ease? Would you like to break out of old stuck habits of thinking, behaving and interacting? How about more tools to enrich your coaching approach? Do you want to make sure you learn NLP in the most thorough way? Our NLP trainings will help you gain the expertise that makes all the difference. You’ll not only learn tools, techniques and theory, but be able to practice and make them your own.

The practical psychology that NLP delivers so clearly goes beyond just knowing theory, changing behaviour, or learning techniques. Developing expertise requires guided practice. Our in-depth training modules and smaller groups allow you to test the principles yourself, integrate the knowledge and reap the benefits. Small groups mean huge learnings!

Why train with Practical Miracles?

This isn’t ‘just NLP’! Arielle has enriched this training with principles from emotional intelligence, intuitive psychology, Non-Violent Communication, wisdom from ‘A Course in Miracles’, the latest theories about the Field and Informational Medicine and much more! These extra dynamics add depth and scope. Putting NLP into context means magical transformations can occur. Each module tackles a different aspect of human behaviour. By the end of your training, you will have extensive knowledge about how to understand, motivate, develop & empower anyone including yourself!

"Transformational! The promise that no one comes out of the end of this training as they went in, is absolutely true – for every single person!"
J. F. Barrister
"Exhilarating, powerful, life changing, inspirational. this training changes how you view yourself and those around you."
Z.B. Business Advisor
"Fantastic opportunity to explore new behaviours, skills and ways of thinking in an environment that feels utterly safe."
M. H. Business Coach
"It is supportive, stretching, takes you beyond where you believed you could go and is simple enough to be able to take away and practice."
F. G. Teacher
"Great. I really appreciated the approach & philosophy towards NLP, and the real thought and work that has gone into reframing/improving the taught techniques. I valued the care and attention that was given to making sure this was a safe and supportive environment for learning, growth and change."
B. I. Counsellor/ coach
"I have really enjoyed every aspect, particularly shifting some big baggage. Arielle has helped me transform the way I work with my Directors and their teams."
S. A. Managing Director
"I wish I had done this course 20 years ago – it does change lives! I have never before been so gripped whilst leaning. My attention was held throughout the 20 days and I’m excited and keen to continue learning more about NLP."
C. HL Full Time Mother