NLP Magic

NLP Magic

Secrets of NLP Magic: Coaching & Rapport Skills

If you’ve been curious about NLP, why not satisfy that urge to know more by getting a good taste of what it’s all about. These 4 days start your beginning of the NLP journey: the path to understanding yourself, people, relationships and life in a completely different way. NLP is so famous because it works!

From day one, you’ll be using simple exercises and achieving profound effects. In fact, you’ll impress yourself so much, we’re confident that you’ll want to go on to finish the whole course. The more you learn about NLP, the more your awareness continues to expand in the most interesting ways.

  • Do you need to increase your confidence & motivation?
  • Are you planning a major career change in the future?
  • Do you want to be more proficient as an empowering coach?
  • Would you benefit from making more effective decisions?
  • Would you like to master your own emotional state?
  • Could improving how you listen and communicate help?
  • Could you benefit from overcoming anxiety or bad habits?
  • Would having an NLP Certification look good on your CV?

Whatever your reasons for learning NLP, you’ll never regret investing in this training. You’ll wish you had done it years ago! So don’t put off your decision any longer. The sooner you start opening up your mind, the sooner you can enjoy creating life the way you want it. These 4 days particularly focus on how to get instant rapport with anyone you meet, how to increase awareness and sensitivity, how to manage your state and use your mental power more effectively.

"Transformational! The promise that no one comes out of the end of this training as they went in, is absolutely true – for every single person!"
J. F. Barrister
"Exhilarating, powerful, life changing, inspirational. this training changes how you view yourself and those around you."
Z.B. Business Advisor
"Fantastic opportunity to explore new behaviours, skills and ways of thinking in an environment that feels utterly safe."
M. H. Business Coach
"It is supportive, stretching, takes you beyond where you believed you could go and is simple enough to be able to take away and practice."
F. G. Teacher
"Great. I really appreciated the approach & philosophy towards NLP, and the real thought and work that has gone into reframing/improving the taught techniques. I valued the care and attention that was given to making sure this was a safe and supportive environment for learning, growth and change."
B. I. Counsellor/ coach
"I have really enjoyed every aspect, particularly shifting some big baggage. Arielle has helped me transform the way I work with my Directors and their teams."
S. A. Managing Director
"I wish I had done this course 20 years ago – it does change lives! I have never before been so gripped whilst leaning. My attention was held throughout the 20 days and I’m excited and keen to continue learning more about NLP."
C. HL Full Time Mother