NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner

10 Good Reasons to Select Our Practitioner Training

  1. Complete syllabus of NLP theory & techniques
  2. Practical applications for use in real life
  3. Comprehensive manual with easy exercises
  4. Full training in Time Lines and Conflict integration
  5. Learn & experience the famous NLP Phobia Cure
  6. Small group size to maximize learning potential
  7. Special tools for increasing Emotional Intelligence
  8. Experienced assistants in a good ratio for coaching
  9. Membership with professional associations
  10. Full Certification by two NLP Certified Trainers

Details of the Fully Certified NLP Practitioner Training

Module One: Secrets of NLP Magic: Coaching & Rapport Skills

Module one teaches the secrets of how successful people think and do what works for them. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could apply your mental power more effectively? What if you could increase your awareness, manage your feelings and stay positive even when things go wrong? There’d be no stopping you once you discover the secret of creating instant rapport with anyone you meet. How would that affect your confidence levels?

  • How to create and maintain rapport
  • How to use your mental power effectively
  • How to increase your EQ
  • How to break annoying habits
  • How to communicate effectively

Module Two: Managing Change & Thriving on Stress

How well do you manage your inner state when you are put to the test? Can you deal with anxiety, uncertainty, and stage fright? How well do you consistently make the right decisions and choose effective strategies for success? Can you easily motivate yourself when procrastination strikes? Learn how to re-program your inner software, deleting stress, and installing new procedures that work.

  • How to manage your inner states
  • How to change habits from the past
  • How to create better strategies
  • How to cure procrastination
  • How to deal with anxiety & stress

Module Three: Communicating with Excellence

Learn to speak with such clarity and influence that people really hear what you have to say. Communicating with excellence can be crucial to success and happiness. What are the questions to ask that pave the way to understanding? How well do you listen and how much do you notice? Do you know how to read people’s gestures, body language, and every detail of the way they dress?

  • How to influence with integrity
  • How to ask useful questions
  • How to listen and hear hidden messages
  • How to understand another person’s point of view
  • How to guide in meetings and groups

Module Four: Transforming Problems into Gifts

Where can you find the inner resources and qualities to give you the confidence you need? Would you like to free yourself from limiting beliefs that hold you back? Learn the most powerful techniques for transforming your past and boosting your EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Integrate the internal conflicts that obstruct your progress as you learn how to appreciate the positive intentions and gifts underneath.

  • How to heal negative emotions
  • How to change limiting decisions and beliefs
  • How to deal with inner conflicts
  • How to forgive past mistakes
  • How to create a positive future

Module Five: Manifesting Magic!

Put all the NLP skills together to create magical change as a Coach for yourself and others. Learn how to sense energy and direct your own focus of intention to create radical changes in the ways you interact with others. Find out how to integrate all the learnings by using your physiology. In addition, this module covers practical applications of NLP in specific situations.

  • How to put all the techniques, skills and theory together
  • How to plan and manage coaching sessions
  • How to direct your energy & intention for maximum effect
  • How to apply NLP in specific situations
  • How to use your physiology with power and confidence

Each module introduces concepts and techniques in a particular sequence that leads participants on a path of personal discovery and exploration. Each person gets to experience the effectiveness of NLP on their own life issues, rather than just learning skills to apply to someone else. The objective is to produce graduates who can ‘live’ NLP in natural ways and come out of the training empowered to be more who they came to be.

Some Basic Principles of NLP:

  • Every person has their own unique map of the world
  • People make decisions and choices according to their map
  • There is no such thing as failure, only feedback
  • People have all the inner resources they need to succeed
  • The mind and body act as one system


When you have integrated the learnings from the entire course, you will impress yourself with all the expertise you have gained. Full certification includes an open book written exam, a practical exam with assessment by two certified NLP trainers, plus on-going coaching assessment through out the whole training.


The 20 Day NLP Trainings are held in Central London. Group size is limited for maximum personal attention and top quality coaching. The high quality teaching approach uses ‘learning by doing’ empowering exercises that allow full exploration of each technique.
If you would like to continue your NLP training beyond the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, you can now get a full Masters and/or PhD in NLP Coaching skills and Organizational Development (at various Universities). When you successfully complete the NLP Practitioner training, you will be eligible to join The Professional Guild of NLP, the ANLP, the BBNLP as well as other internationally recognized NLP organizations.

Main Trainer:

Arielle Essex, recently filmed in the documentary The Living Matrix, is a fully certified NLP Trainer, Coach, Author and Speaker. She believes NLP should be taught in a way that everyone can understand and put into practice immediately. She herself has over 15 years experience, working as both a trainer and an executive coach. From her previous career in complementary medicine, she brings a richness of understanding about the mind/body/spiritual connection that adds depth to the course material. NLP helped Arielle heal her own brain tumour. She now shares the knowledge she gained to help others with serious health issues. Arielle also specializes in career planning, direction, purpose, leadership, communication, work/life balance, emotional intelligence, and relationships.

"Transformational! The promise that no one comes out of the end of this training as they went in, is absolutely true – for every single person!"
J. F. Barrister
"Exhilarating, powerful, life changing, inspirational. this training changes how you view yourself and those around you."
Z.B. Business Advisor
"Fantastic opportunity to explore new behaviours, skills and ways of thinking in an environment that feels utterly safe."
M. H. Business Coach
"It is supportive, stretching, takes you beyond where you believed you could go and is simple enough to be able to take away and practice."
F. G. Teacher
"Great. I really appreciated the approach & philosophy towards NLP, and the real thought and work that has gone into reframing/improving the taught techniques. I valued the care and attention that was given to making sure this was a safe and supportive environment for learning, growth and change."
B. I. Counsellor/ coach
"I have really enjoyed every aspect, particularly shifting some big baggage. Arielle has helped me transform the way I work with my Directors and their teams."
S. A. Managing Director
"I wish I had done this course 20 years ago – it does change lives! I have never before been so gripped whilst leaning. My attention was held throughout the 20 days and I’m excited and keen to continue learning more about NLP."
C. HL Full Time Mother

Master the theory, skills and techniques of NLP and expect to watch with delight as your whole life changes for the better. People in every profession all over the world, have benefited from using NLP to achieve successful outcomes, build new careers, improve relationships and increase health and happiness.

Practical Miracles offers you the complete, fully certified NLP Training in easy-to-attend modules. No need to listen to hours of CD’s. Immerse yourself in the dynamic experience and have fun learning. In only 20 days, you’ll develop enough expertise to start making miracles happen!

Expect Massive Insights plus lots of fun meeting great people!

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