Compassionate Coaching

Compassionate Coaching

If you’ve already done some training in NLP or read Arielle’s book, but not yet experienced the magic, then this workshop will give you the missing ingredients. Compassionate Coaching provides the format for manifesting your dreams into reality, the step-by-step plan to achieve the results you want. Take away powerful insights and tools you can use with clients – but test it on yourself first!

“All miracles involve a shift perception” A Course in Miracles

Success of any kind requires learning how to wake up the energies of your heart. By tapping into your deepest desires and directing your mental focus appropriately, you can achieve whatever you choose. Sounds easy! How do you do that? Isn’t it about time you turned your dreams into reality?

  • Do you have great ideas about how you’d like things to change?
  • Have you been trying for years to make something good happen?
  • Are you wondering how other people get things to work?
  • Do you need to just get clear about what you want?
  • Are you tired of pushing, driving or blaming yourself?

For centuries, wise leaders have known the answers. Miracles begin with a change of thought. Clear out the clutter in your mind. Choose to heal whatever holds you back. Awaken your creativity and passion and make your life a fun adventure!

This course helped me get back on track. Arielle’s clear direction, explanation and wonderful guiding processes, built up to an understanding that all good dreams are there for us to have, if we clear ourselves up. This process supports that miracle which becomes an eventuality.

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These techniques are based on essential principles extracted from people who consistently achieve the impossible. In very simple terms, the theory behind magical change can be explained via Quantum Mechanics combined with simple exercises from NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming]. This is not about positive thinking and affirmations. It’s about using the energy of your brain to transform events, focusing on the place where science meets the spiritual, where mind meets body, and where your dreams can manifest into reality. The practical exercises during this workshop will include specific ways to explore your inner world, release blockages, manage your emotional state, visualize exactly what you want – plus learn the secret ingredients essential to manifesting!

The Compassionate Coaching Book outlines the complete process you will practice during the workshop. When you change your thinking, anything is possible. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from the author! After you’ve learned the process, you’ll be able to take it away and apply it again and again to whatever area of your life you’d like to change.

Those who look outside, dream. Those who look inside, awaken. Carl Jung

The Trainer:

Arielle Essex, author of Compassionate Coaching: How to Heal Your Life and Make Miracles Happen. As an expert coach, Arielle’s mission is to help people raise their awareness, transform obstacles into gifts, attract abundance and create the lives they want. Her coaching specialties include working in Business and Career, Personal Relationships and Health, as well as teaching NLP at the ‘Practical Miracles’ training school.

"Experiential journey into the techniques and impact of Compassionate Coaching."
C. D. Director of Training & Development
"A wonderful opportunity – a powerful model – to deeply explore and make your dreams manifest. Any individual part will help you, all together it provides an exceptional, deep journey."
H.Personal Development Coach/Facilitator
"Relaxed & Powerful. Words cannot express the compassion in this workshop."
J.B. Shamanic Coach
"Brilliant and beware: it’s very heart-based, i.e. the final results will come from the heart, not the head. Be prepared to connect with your heart. This truly is Compassionate Coaching – get ready to embrace yourself with love."
L. T. Coach (Executive & Personal)
"A real coaching workout!"
P. R. Tour Manager / Coach
"Worthwhile. Nice atmosphere created within the group. A chance to practise techniques in some depth."
F. D. Coach
"A great way to spend 2 days of your life! This workshop really makes you delve into your deeper thoughts. Even when you think you have only one or two issues in life, examining one can increase your awareness of other matters which require resolution. Work done on resolving them is intensive yet very rewarding, with feelings of release."
A. D. Coach
"Very personal, intense, focused, effective goal-orientation."
S. H. Writer, Life Coach / Health Trainer
"Thorough, in-depth analysis of what may be holding you back from living your dream. Thorough models, the best and most accurate I’ve used."
O. S. IT Consultant
"Do it! It cuts to the chase, the core issues, without jargon, with fun. A safe environment to explore some of the most important areas of your life & being."
C. C. Writer
"Really clear and loving teaching!"
DB Singer – Songwriter
"Really thorough workshop with some excellent exercises and very well thought through."
JF Fundraiser
"This is a powerful, insightful process, to find what blocks you from achieving your dreams and then to be able to let of these blocks and allow the miracles to happen."
GC consultant
"I found Arielle’s workshop really interesting. I read the book before, but found the exercises quite difficult. The course helped to go through the manifesting process with someone else, which gave the opportunity to discover things which you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Really useful."
IS Consultant
"Not what I expected at all, but I have been SO pleasantly surprised. An integrative and, as the book says, a truly compassionate way of dealing with yourself and others. Thank you! "
JW Head of Skills for Life
"I found the course excellent in that it explains in detail the steps to take to make miracles happen. What I found especially helpful is that you do the exercises described in the book ‘Compassionate Coaching’ in pairs, so that you have to dig deep into your inner self and confront your biggest fears which hold you back. I think it is the best investment. I have ever made."
MB Solicitor
"This weekend helped to clear the pathway to my dream, disentangling the blockages so my passion and vision could unite optimumly."
AB Singer Writer