NLP Masters

NLP Masters

Mastery means more than just using NLP with elegance, compassion and competence. Learn the secrets of creating magical change and develop the artistry that comes with unconscious competence. Learn how to detect the deeper patterns of experience revealed through language and metaphor. Each topic will build on your prior knowledge of NLP, helping you to review and anchor that, as you take your understanding to a deeper level.

The fully Certified Master Practitioner Training provides the advanced theories, techniques, and skills to help you deepen, develop and integrate your NLP knowledge to a Mastery level of ability. Not all Master Practitioner Trainings are the same. Practical Miracles offers an amazingly rich combination of NLP, Hypnosis, new research and practical applications. Because 20 days allows ample opportunity to cover the syllabus in depth and practice the techniques immediately, our graduates achieve a high level of expertise. Working with one main trainer gives continuity, consistency and clarity. Plus our smaller group size means bigger learnings!

What’s included at a glance:

  • Full curriculum of NLP Master Practitioner tools
  • Unique synthesis of NLP from different innovators
  • Plus other additional useful concepts & models
  • Includes basic training in direct & indirect hypnosis
  • Easy-to-use approach to NLP Meta Programs
  • Intro to Spiral Dynamics & in-depth Values work
  • Extensive exploration of Beliefs & Belief systems
  • Advanced Time Line Re-imprinting for deep change
  • Effective tools for Presentations: design & delivery
  • Your own unique modeling project

Full Certification as an NLP Master Practitioner

This advanced level training is open only to Certified NLP Practitioners. Please supply a photocopy of your NLP Practitioner Certificate on application and/or take the written test. Mastery Level Certification requires full attendance of all training days, on-going assessment throughout the training, an open book exam, researching, preparing and presenting your own unique modeling project, plus a 2 day practical assessment by two Certified NLP Trainers during the final module.

The Trainer

Arielle Essex openly shares the rich expertise she has gained from over 15 years of NLP coaching work. Her amazing-to-watch demos combine kindness and compassion with enough challenge to shift the most stubborn problems. Her experience working in the health field, where results are easily measurable, has given her an in-depth, effective, grounded and spirit.

Module One: Compassionate Coaching

How do you get from A to Z? This first module sets opening frames, provides the most effective and thorough outcome map, explores higher purpose and values, teaches special question frames, checks sensory acuity cues for congruency, identifies clues for necessary change work, teaches advanced time line work, and provides the framework for ‘Manifesting’. Based on the outline of Arielle’s book of the same name, this module teaches the ultimate ‘how to’ map of deliberate conscious creation of any desired outcome.

  • Advanced outcome setting
  • Finding one’s purpose
  • Identifying higher values
  • Challenging accountability
  • Enhancing sensory acuity skills
  • Creating a coaching program map
  • Plus the crucial factors of ‘Manifesting’

You can attend this module as a stand alone workshop.

Values & Meta Programs

What are you looking for and why do you want that? This module focuses on Values, the fundamental basis of beliefs and deep change work. Create long lasting change by clarifying and re-defining the Values that are aligned with desired goals. Closely related to Values are the NLP Meta Programs – unconscious brain filters that influence thinking and behaviour. Learn the language that matches each person’s patterns and become an incredibly effective communicator. Transform relationships, meetings, presentations, sales, writing etc. Master the art of Reframing & Sleight of Mouth, and improve your ability to be heard, persuade, influence and gain agreement.

  • How to elicit a person’s values
  • Prioritizing values to support goals
  • Reorganizing values for change
  • Test & Identify Meta Programs
  • Speak out of both sides of your mouth
  • How to change Meta Programs
  • Reframing & Sleight of Mouth
  • Work, Money & Career Tactics

How do you know what to change? All behaviour is driven by beliefs: what makes you excel as well as what holds you back. Your beliefs form an integral part of your identity. Special exercises can help to break habits and discover the strategies that work for successful people. Learn how to recognize beliefs in everyday conversations, and use advanced techniques to explore and change whole life patterns. Create new neural pathways by healing old issues from the past. Free up blocked energy to create fulfillment and abundance!

  • Recognizing beliefs
  • Assessing verbal frames
  • Advanced change techniques
  • Healing old patterns
  • Avoiding pitfalls
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative perspectives
  • Advanced People Dynamics

Appreciation of diversity is essential to understanding what drives behaviour. This 3 day workshop will draw on different models: 6 Human Needs, Clare Graves Values and Group Dynamics to enrich understanding and provide practical techniques for handling difficult people, influencing, motivating and assisting development or healing. Discover for yourself some of the most effective and innovative approaches to finding out what makes people tick. Master the art of managing internal states for maximum results.

  • How Values evolve & change
  • Satisfying the 6 human needs
  • Essentials of people dynamics
  • Identify the 2 behaviour types
  • Learn to adapt communication
  • Improve your presentation style
  • Practical real life applications
  • Deep Change Work

How can you work with unconscious patterns? Advanced NLP techniques provide elegant and simple interventions to unravel unhelpful patterns of thinking, and stuck energy from the past. Learn the deep change work techniques for resolving traumatic problems, as well as specific processes to deal with conflicts, symptoms, and negative feelings. Tap into sources of wisdom and knowledge. Understand the positive intention behind secondary gain and turn non-compliance into motivation to change. Use the systematic approach using special question frameworks that help the process flow.


Integration of all the previous modules begins with a thorough review and assessment of the written exam. An outside examiner will then observe participants in action during exercises to simulate ‘Break Through’ sessions. Modeling projects will be presented. Closing exercises for empowerment and alignment will culminate in celebration!

* Added BONUS: please note that this Training also includes Basic Hypnosis teaching, building on the wisdom and knowledge of Milton H. Erickson, the grandfather of medical Hypnosis. Learning simple hypnosis skills deepens understanding and appreciation of the unconscious mind and helps develop language expertise with ease.

"It met all my expectations and Much More! I’ve never been on such a life changing course. It has given me so many valuable and powerful techniques to help others heal their lives."
J.B. NLP & Kinesiologist
"Enjoyed the experience immensely. Great style of delivery. Enjoyed the humour & the stories which brought it all very much alive."
A.G. Relationship Coach
"Very interesting & rewarding, often very powerful & moving. Very thought provoking!"
B. T. Electronics Engineer
"Excellent synthesis of ‘hard NLP’ and personal & spiritual development."
J. S. Coach/Facilitator/Trainer
"Presentation – excellent. Pace – very good. Rapport – fantastic. Content – mind blowing. A training to an exceptionally high standard, done with love and compassion."
P.K. Teacher
"A very positive course that provided great insights, great personal growth and gave me the confidence to use NLP."
L.MG. Journalist / writer
"Arielle is an exceptional trainer who has immense ability and intuition to transform her students into excellent NLP Master Practitioners who can put the techniques into practice knowledgably."
J. O. Trainer
"NLP with a human touch – traditional techniques from a Counseling perspective."
P.P. Nuclear Physicist
"Huge growth, lots of understanding of people & heaps of powerful techniques."
B. R. Kinesiologist
"Transformation with integrity."
H. C. Co. Director
"Thoroughly comprehensive with valuable experiential learning from an excellent trainer, excellent manual and references."
R. H. Co.Director
"The course was enlightening and transformational. I have a new set of skills to make a greater difference to my life and for others as well."
D.M. Public Health Officer
"I have found the course to be invaluable on both a personal and professional basis and I would recommend it to anyone looking for success in either their personal life or professional career."
J.D. Training & Development Consultant
"Arielle brings intelligence, fun and a wealth of experience to the NLP training. The result is a training that relates to real life. I have learnt techniques that I can share with my NHS team to enhance working relationships and practice, as well as enriching my personal life."
J.P. Diabetes Specialist Nurse
"Unbelievable – it’s changed my life and shown me a whole new world of choice and flexibility…..truly inspirational, fulfilling and empowering!"
M.D. Psychologist
"If you want to make learning NLP one of the most significant emotional experiences of your life, choose this course!"
L. P. Retail Manager
"It has made a huge difference in my life. Very powerful techniques and a fascinating process of self discovery."
M. T. Management
"The whole is more than the sum of the parts and the parts have enormous value in the richness of experience and learning. This training has been transformational and empowering for me. I have faced some of the most hidden obstacles (some of which have stopped me all my life!) and have grown more than I believed possible."
R. F. Kinesiologist & Reiki Teacher
"Interesting, stimulating and thought provoking. I felt that the training has shifted my track in life, just as the Practitioner Course did. A fabulous – life enhancing experience."
J. M. Lecturer
"Arielle is a very thorough, very spiritual, very committed teacher."
J. W. Creative Producer
"Excellent! Always well-paced, delivered in an incredibly interesting way. Superb demos and use of metaphor in the training. In addition I have healed and transformed so many things in my own life. Everyday I feel more like the real me."
C. T. Coach & consultant
"Training with heart and passion. Arielle is an inspiring example of someone who truly ‘walks the talk’"
P. R. Tour manager
"If you are seeking a trainer with profound knowledge, sensitivity, experience, a true sense of value and the capacity to create and maintain rapport.try Arielle Essex."
T. P. Human Resources
"This has given me the confidence to grow, the grace and the wisdom to be aligned to my life’s purpose!"
K. W. Teacher