Practical Miracles Workshops

Practical Miracles Workshops

What if you could learn special processes to increase your vitality and wellness? What if you could talk with your body, learn how to put it back in balance, switch gears and tap into more energy? What if you could de-stress and rid yourself of dis-ease?

The Practical Miracles Workshop will help you remove the blocks that impede your body’s natural healing mechanism. Based on the latest ‘informational medicine’ theory, these techniques will re-connect you to ‘Source’. Every cell in your body is replaced every six months, so miraculous healing is possible every day!

Whenever a cell replaces itself, it grows a brand new cell. So why doesn’t the body look brand new and fresh as a baby every 6 months? Why don’t scars disappear? Why do tumours keep growing tumour cells instead of normal cells? What mechanism impedes healing? More importantly, what makes spontaneous remissions occur, tumours vanish, and scars disappear? What controls the switch for turning healing back on?

Recent scientific research can now answer these questions. The Practical Miracles workshop provides you with the tools to make it work. Instead of going into shock after a diagnosis, learn to turn a negative experience into a healing opportunity. Instead of trying to get rid of symptoms as fast as possible, listen to the messages of your body. Instead of going into battle, incorporate this challenge into a new, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Highlights of the Workshops:

  • 8 essential belief changes for healing
  • How to cause a spontaneous remission
  • Energizing and empowering affirmations
  • Techniques to resolve conflicting needs
  • How to turn around secondary gains
  • Change techniques to resolve past trauma
  • Tools to alleviate pain & other symptoms
  • How to let go of stress & negative emotions
  • Healing tools of forgiveness and acceptance
  • Creating a support team of friends & medics

Learn how to switch the natural healing mechanism back on. The Practical Miracles Workshop provides the pathway to positive change. It’s much easier to increase your healing capacity when you know what to do. As your mind, body and emotions relax, your immune system can function better. So the key is learning how to listen to your body and manage your state.

Who should come?

  • Health Practitioners who want to increase their Mind/Body expertise
  • People who want to understand & resolve personal healing issues
  • NLP Practitioners who want to expand skills & apply NLP to health
  • Health professionals who want to use NLP in their own practice
  • People curious to learn what worked for Arielle on her healing journey

BIO: Arielle Essex

Arielle’s background in Complementary Medicine gives a solid therapeutic foundation for understanding the mind/body connection. Her own personal healing journey (healing a brain tumour, ovarian cyst, and breast lumps) has provided her with insights and understanding from a personal perspective. Her first book: ‘Compassionate Coaching’ details the process that helped her to heal.
Arielle is committed to helping people learn and understand the process of healing change on a deep personal level. She offers powerful insights into the cause of disease and dysfunction, as well as providing clear guidance for healing, balancing energy and creating alignment with the bodymind.

"After I had a few days to let all the learning sink in, I really got a lot from the 4 days. It allowed me to work directly on some key beliefs and negative feelings in a very deep and powerful way."
A.D. Health Coach
"Excellent techniques, easily accessible, well formed structure and a fantastic manual."
R.G. Kinesiologist
"I loved thinking about the ‘quantum’ concepts of the body as a Field and hearing healing stories."
A. W. Coach
"This life changing workshop can help people not only with the physical, but also with the mental, spiritual and psychological ailments."
M. L. psychologist
"Practical Miracles expanded my way of thinking about healing. It helped me get great insights into healing and being touch with my body."
A. W. Coach
"Professionally, I’ve already used the techniques with clients, and found it has helped me to explain some principles of NLP in a very simple and straightforward manner. Now my clients can access realizations about core needs and negative beliefs."
A.D. Health Coach
"It met all my expectations and Much More! I’ve never been on such a life changing course. It has given me so many valuable and powerful techniques to help others heal their lives."
J.B. NLP & Kinesiologist
"Very interesting & rewarding, often very powerful & moving. Very thought provoking!"
B. T. Electronics Engineer
"Some really significant learnings have emerged around my own health issues which I know are really valuable."
A. D. Coach, Trainer, Author
"Excellent synthesis of ‘hard NLP’ and personal & spiritual development."
J. S. Coach/Facilitator/Trainer
"Presentation – excellent. Pace – very good. Rapport – fantastic. Content – mind blowing. A training to an exceptionally high standard, done with love and compassion."
P.K. Teacher
"A very positive course that provided great insights, great personal growth and gave me the confidence to use NLP."
L.MG. Journalist / writer
"Arielle is an exceptional trainer who has immense ability and intuition to transform her students into excellent NLP Master Practitioners who can put the techniques into practice knowledgably."
J. O. Trainer
"NLP with a human touch – traditional techniques from a Counselling perspective."
P.P. Nuclear Physicist
"Huge growth, lots of understanding of people & heaps of powerful techniques."
B. R. Kinesiologist
Transformation with integrity.
H. C. Co. Director
"Thoroughly comprehensive with valuable experiential learning from an excellent trainer, excellent manual and references."
R. H. Co.Director
"The course was enlightening and transformational. I have a new set of skills to make a greater difference to my life and for others as well."
D.M. Public Health Officer
"I have found the course to be invaluable on both a personal and professional basis and I would recommend it to anyone looking for success in either their personal life or professional career."
J.D. Training & Development Consultant
"Arielle brings intelligence, fun and a wealth of experience to the NLP training. The result is a training that relates to real life. I have learnt techniques that I can share with my NHS team to enhance working relationships"
J.P. Diabetes Specialist Nurse
"Unbelievable – it’s changed my life and shown me a whole new world of choice and flexibility… truly inspirational, fulfilling and empowering!"
M.D.. Psychologist
"If you want to make learning NLP one of the most significant emotional experiences of your life, choose this course!"
L. P. Retail Manager
"It has made a huge difference in my life. Very powerful techniques and a fascinating process of self discovery."
M. T. Management
"The whole is more than the sum of the parts and the parts have enormous value in the richness of experience and learning. This training has been transformational and empowering for me. I have faced some of the most hidden obstacles (some of which have stopped me all my life!) and have grown more than I believed possible."
R. F. Kinesiologist & Reiki Teacher
"Interesting, stimulating and thought provoking. I felt that the training has shifted my track in life, just as the Practitioner Course did. A fabulous – life enhancing experience."
J. M. Lecturer
"Arielle is a very thorough, very spiritual, very committed teacher."
J. W. Creative Producer
"Excellent! Always well-paced, delivered in an incredibly interesting way. Superb demos and use of metaphor in the training. In addition I have healed and transformed so many things in my own life. Everyday I feel more like the real me."
C. T. Coach & consultant
"Training with heart and passion. Arielle is an inspiring example of someone who truly ‘walks the talk’"
P. R. Tour manager
"If you are seeking a trainer with profound knowledge, sensitivity, experience, a true sense of value and the capacity to create and maintain rapport….try Arielle Essex."
T. P. Human Resources
"This has given me the confidence to grow, the grace and the wisdom to be aligned to my life’s purpose!"
K. W. Teacher

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