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About us

Arielle Essex

Arielle Essex

Arielle has worked as extraordinary healer, coach and trainer since 1988, both in the UK and abroad. Her current approach combines practical psychology, NLP, hypnosis, non verbal intelligence, emotional intelligence and coaching, which evolved organically from 12 years practising osteopathy, naturopathy & kinesiology. She founded Practical Miracles NLP Trainings in 1996 and has been delivering fully certified trainings ever since.

As a coach, Arielle wears several different hats: specialist health coaching, personal relationship coaching, and leadership coaching. Adept at applying many different psychological and NLP tools, Arielle assists and empowers individuals to reach their full potential. And she is walking testimony of how well these tools work.

After Arielle succeeded in healing her own brain tumour using this approach, she decided to share what helped in her first book, ‘Compassionate Coaching’. She also featured in the recent documentary DVD, ‘The Living Matrix’ movie, telling her story. She is committed to helping people turn life’s obstacles into gifts, empowering them to find their own solutions, and reconnecting with Source. So she regularly writes articles, books and newsletters as well as giving talks, presentations and workshops internationally.

Because many life problems stem from relationship issues, Arielle trained with clinical psychologist, Dr. Chuck Spezzano to learn how to apply the transformative thinking of ‘A Course in Miracles’ to problematic issues. She works with individuals and couples using a blend of these principles, combined with NLP and John Gottman’s well researched approach.

Integrating her NLP know how with insights from non verbal and emotional intelligence, makes her a much sought after guide for executives desiring better leadership skills. Arielle mentors them on improving their delivery style, resolving interpersonal issues, making strategic career moves, and helping to design and deliver presentations.

Arielle’s broad base of experience makes for a truly holistic and deep approach. She has full certification in: NLP master practitioner and trainer (USA), hypnotherapy & time line re-imprinting, coaching (Erickson College), NVI (non verbal intelligence), EI (emotional intelligence), cranial/sacral therapy, allergy therapy, naturopathy, kinesiology, and she is a fully qualified NES practitioner.

Johnathan Brooks

Johnathan ‘Spirit Bear’ Brooks – Personal/Executive Coach and Shamanic Transformational Healer using Shamanism.

Johnathan Brooks

Johnathan is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and has a post graduate certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Currently he is completing his MA in Coaching and NLP and is a member of The Professional Guild of NLP.

He is a Native American from the Northern Cheyenne and Cree tribes of Montana, USA. Dedicated to the interpretation of shamanic wisdom for today’s ever changing world. His shamanic message is from the perspective that all things are alive and that we are part of a community of co-creative and potentially co-operative beings. The shamanic attitude is one of reverence and honour for all life in all its forms and of responsibility to that community.

He shows how to be like a magician, by entering into a partnership with nature and combining it with NLP. This cooperative partnership is an expression of mutual respect and of the community of life. He has simplified the shamanic wisdom to fun and practical everyday city uses, with results that really do work on resolving persistent problems for a creative, abundant and an inspirational rewarding life.

His background is varied from Business & Finance diplomas to professional medical qualifications to Equity acting to designing and delivering a tailored training modules for the media industry.

He is the author of a new home study course on the How to Manifest, Living in a Spiritual World – Purposeful Manifestation Through Focusing.

Johnathan ‘Spirit Bear’ Brooks


“I am not here to teach you anything, as you already know it at a deeper level. I am simply here, to remind you who you really are!”

Martin Eldon

ADHP(NC); MNCH (Acc.) UKCP Reg. Psychotherapist; MCIPD

Martin Eldon

Martin has been a Certified NLP trainer since 1994 and UKCP Registered Psychotherapist since 1995.

Martin runs a successful private practice in East Hertfordshire, combining NLP, Hypno-psychotherapy and coaching. He was Principal of the first NLP Psychotherapy Training Institute between 1998 – 2005, since which time he has continued to learn and develop new skills, work with a range of clients, and train and supervise other psychotherapists.

Martin also has a strong business background having worked in Management for over 30 years. He is an Associate Lecturer with The Open University Business School where he lectures in “Creativity, Innovation and Change” (part for the final stage of the MBA). He also provides Management Training via his company “Innovision Training & Development”.

Martin has three children and loves all kinds of music. During the summer months he can often to be found ‘trancing out’ at festivals (Glastonbury, Cambridge, Trowbridge, Latitude, ‘V’ etc).

"I learned so much more than I expected! My fear about NLP being a cheap business tool or a quick fix to get money, power or success were unfounded. Arielle’s focus was so deep and profound and kind – it has turned into a wonderful gift for myself."
A.L. Communications Skills Coach
"Excellent training: it kept me interested and made me curious for more. I t was important to experience NLP not just have the theory."
J. S. Training Development Consultant
"I would recommend Arielle to anyone interested in NLP training. Come and change your life forever."
D.C. Accountant
"Expand your knowledge of communication skills and self development. This training gives you extra tools to help people in all walks of life."
M.M Business writer
"NLP with a greater emphasis on practical psychology – very valuable and interesting."
P. W. Financial Manager
"Very good & professional. The course has made profound changes in the way I relate to myself. I have a deeper understanding of how I can alter myself for a better life. The opportunity to practice all we had leant with external people was a great learning curve and wonderful experience."
R. M. Occupational Therapist
"I have learnt more about myself and my deep unconscious patterns on this workshop than I would have thought possible. It has had a profound effect on me."
L.H. Management Consultant
"If you want to make learning NLP one of the most significant emotional experiences of your life, choose this course!"
L. P. Retail Manager
"An extraordinary experience that has helped me to learn things I never knew I never knew"
C.D. Learning & Development Manager
"Passionate, insightful, excellent & challenging. A great opportunity to experience personal change and an ability to effect change in others."
C. P. Training & Development Consultant
"Arielle brings a great knowledge & wisdom to her training. She guides, directs and facilitates such that no one leaves without knowing themselves better & being more empowered to deal with the day to day challenges that life offers."
G.C. Kinesiologist / NLP Coach
"Arielle brings intelligence, fun and a wealth of experience to the NLP Training. The result is a training that relates to real life. I have learnt techniques that I can share with my NHS team to enhance working relationships and practice, as well as enriching my personal life."
J.P. Diabetes Specialist Nurse